MHP Grills | Features, Grilling Tips, & So Much More Grilling Grills

MHP Grills | Features, Grilling Tips, & So Much More


Grilling offers a unique experience in terms of sounds, smells, and then taste. We all look forward to the last part, don’t we? A grill will amplify the taste of a regular hamburger or a hotdog. It even makes charring vegetables look sophisticated and professional. However, there is more to this outside hobby.

As we continue to grill, we move up the difficulty ladder. You can cook the steak or even grill salmon. However, the perfect grilled meal also factors in your experience and the grill itself. Broadly speaking, a grill is a very diverse cooking platform. Therefore, you need a grill that will handle a wide list of ingredients without compromising the taste. But which grills offer that?

Today, we talk about MHP Grills. They offer grills with various features. The brand is well known for its long-lasting and high-performance grills. But first, a little preface.

MHP Grills Griling

MHP Grills Story:

Water Koziol created MHP Grills in the 1950s after the Second World War ended. At its inception, the company offered outside decoration and lighting for local events such as BBQs and birthdays. As the demand for their services grew, so did the company.

The first MHP Grill was introduced in 1960. It was a 22.5 diameter grill with a plate. The design was very standard, and it was named the Perfect Host. After the initial release, Mr. Koziol spent three years researching and improving the design. In 1963, he presented a rectangular steel concept with a hinged lid to easily control the heat. The design has been most requested in the grilling industry since 1964. The ease is unmatched.

Unfortunately, Mr. Koziol passed away in 2000. Now, the MHP grills are run by his generations. The Koziol are excellently managing the company and supervising day-to-day operations. Over the years, MHP Grills has become an industry leader with the following exclusivities

These patents celebrate quality and performance without burdening the wallet:

  • The SearMagic, which we will discuss later, builds grids and warming racks
  • The “H” style stainless steel burner prevents blackening
  • The exterior is made with no-rust material
  • The GASLOW fuel indicator and leak detector promote user safety.

Why purchase MHP Grills?

Here is why you should consider purchasing a MHP Grill.

MHP GRIlls - Grilling

Easy to operate

Each MHP Grill offers an electric ignition. As a result, simply turn the dial, and it will produce flames. No need to sit idly for the flame to grow. Turn on the MHP Grill and start…grilling. Furthermore, the temperature is also very simple to control. You can perfectly cook different stages of meat to impress your friends and family.

Distinct Performance

MHP has successfully patented SearMagic. The exclusive technology results in reliability and amazing grilling. The patent is based on an anodized aluminum grid. MHP technology heats up the grids faster without compromising the heating temperature. The heat stays consistent, and the food does not burn. Moreover, the grids are reversible too. You can use both sides to cook.

One side of the magic provides ribbed marks for searing meats and poultry. On the other hand, the second face is smooth to accommodate vegetables and other sensitive items.


Regardless of which MHP grill you purchase, they all come with a lifetime warranty. Sometimes, it is the only peace of mind required to cement the final decision. The warranty applies to the following grilling parts:

  • The casted legs
  • The stainless steel burner and shelves
  • Side brackets
  • Control panel
  • Bottom cast tray and bottom shelves
  • Rust on top from foreign elements.

MHP infrared stoves and porcelain parts come with a 5-year warranty. Furthermore, the contract also covers grill’s base, knobs, valves, and ignition system. Essentially, everything is protected.

Unique user experience

MHP grills come with various options to amplify the grilling experience while minimizing the cooking time. Following is a list of upgrades the manufacturer offers

  • There is a second cooking tray
  • The SearMagic rust-free technology
  • A rotisserie kit to admire the meat while it turns
  • Stainless steel side shelves for accessories
  • Infrared side grills
  • Numerous mounting options, depending on your requirements

MHP Grill Cooking tips


Rotisserie grilling will enhance the beef, lamb, and poultry taste. However, you must constantly baste them in their own juices over the same temperature. MHP drip pan will collect the drippings so you can repeat the process until cooked.

Smoke Cooking

MHP Grills suggests using the water pan technique that requires wood chips left in water for many hours. Carefully place the chips on top of the briquettes next to the water pan. Do so after meat, fish, and other poultry are completely cooked.

Pan roasting

You can also pan roast on MHP grills. It is perfect for cooking large meat cuts such as turkeys, ducks, or an entire chicken. Use the roasting pan for poultry and drop pan for vegetables, garlic, and other ingredients. Use the drip pan to baste.

Indirect Grilling

MHP Grills -

Carefully place the tray in the center of the grid. It will keep maintaining a medium temperature and the meat moist. Now fill the tray with water. Add in herbs and vegetables to add flavor. The flavor will slowly drip into the pan to create the signature savory flavor.

Indirect Grilling with burner

You can use one side of the burner to roast ribs, chicken, turkey, and fish. Begin with heating up one side of the grill. Subsequently, place the poultry on the unlit side of the grill.

Direct Grilling

Direct grilling is the way to go if you love steaks, burgers, fillets, and selective poultry parts. The grills work best when the lid is closed. It will develop the char flavor and retain the moisture, so everything tastes delicious.

What is the final takeaway?

The features mentioned above make it quite clear that the Koziol family cares about their customers. The construction is built to provide long-term use. The Stay Kool MHP handle moves with the wrist, preventing hand fatigue. All in all, the features are user-friendly and research-based.

If you are searching for a new grill, it is time to visit the Us. Our experts available on our platform will help you discover the perfect grilling apparatus to fit your needs. Grilling Grills is a verified seller of MHP Grills. Visit the website to learn about our payment plan and insurance shipping. Dial 1-877-737-0293 or email for queries.

Happy summer grilling!

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