What Does A Rotisserie Kit For A Barbecue Grill Do? Grilling Grills

What Does A Rotisserie Kit For A Barbecue Grill Do?

What Does A Rotisserie Kit For A Barbecue Grill Do?

A rotisserie is a trendy style of cooking meat. The bird is skewed on a long metal rod that holds it firmly on a grilling platform. A rotisserie kit is usually used for cooking meat over an open fire, such as a fireplace, a BBQ grill, or a campfire. Furthermore, the metal rod is also used in ovens to keep the meat juicy and warm.

Large birds such as turkeys and chickens require a rotisserie kit. It will help the meat cook evenly, so it is not pink inside. The bird marinates in its own juices and is far easier than basting each time the meat goes dry.

Is your mouth salivating yet, or is it just us?

Horizontal rotisserie kit

Horizontal rotisserie kit Grilling Grills

First on the menu is a horizontal rotisserie kit. The spit (metal rod) is laid parallel to the kitchen counter. Cooks marinate the meat horizontally for easy roasting, such as beef or turkey. The spit is carefully placed on top of a BBQ grill. However, a horizontal kit may fit into the oven perfectly too. The latter option is used in restaurants for mass-scale eatery.

A horizontal rotisserie kit requires balance at all times. Assuming the spit is imbalanced over the grill. In that case, the meat will cook unevenly. Furthermore, an imbalanced rod burdens the rotisserie’s motor. As a result, it may stop spinning or slow down. Therefore, remove the cooking racks or place them at a certain elevation over the BBQ grill. It will prevent wings and legs from jamming the system.

Secrets to operating a rotisserie kit

  1. When a rotisserie kit welcomes an entire bird, it is best to amp to the speed. Increasing the rims per minute ensures internal temperature rise. As a result, the bird of choice does not harden up and stays soft. Furthermore, it prevents burning the skin, which is never a welcoming look.
  2. Once the exterior is cooked over the BBQ grill, the rotation may be slowed down to cook the interior. It will minimize falling juices and optimize the flavor too. If the step is not adopted, you risk losing the dripping fat if the bird rotates on an open flame.
  3. If you wish to cook the meat perfectly on a horizontal rotisserie kit, keep it away from the grill frame in the beginning. It will ensure the bird does not overcook because no one likes chewing on rubber-like meat. When the meat is al dente, lower the bird to bring it close to the flame. The radiation heat will maintain tender meat.
  4. You will find rotisserie kits that come with metal bars. This prevents the meat from falling into the flame and ruining your hard work. Skew the bird below the drumstick to avoid the meat from falling off the spit.

Vertical rotisserie kit

Vertical rotisserie kit - Grilling Grills

The second style that requires a rotisserie kit is skewing the bird vertically over the spit. In this scenario, the bird experiences heat from the sides. There are no barriers to reducing heat since spit rotates in front of the grill. Thankfully, a vertical rotisserie kit does not require balance. This strategy is adopted when the meat is shaved off as needed. The spit turns vertically, keeping the meat warm, tender, and juicy. A vertical rotisserie kit is perfect for the following foods:

  • Doner Kebab from Turkey
  • Gyro dish from Greece
  • Tacos from Mexico, Latin, and South America served with rice and pickles
  • Shawarma from Middle Eastern and Arab World is served with yogurt and pickled cucumber and carrots.

You will usually find a vertical demonstration of a rotisserie kit in fast food restaurants or kiosks in the marketplace. It is a budget-friendly option when you are on the go.

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