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5 Types of Grills – What’s the Best Choice for Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re dreaming about long, well-spent outdoor gatherings and relishing a new adventure, it’s finally the time for grill season. Whether you’re new to grilling or everyone calls you pro, now is the best time to explore outdoor grill options for an incredible backyard barbecue experience.

Turn your patio into an aromatic outdoor kitchen, where you can prepare burgers, smoky chicken, succulent gourmet food, caramelized fresh veggies, and whatever else you’d like. If you’re considering upgrading your basic outdoor space into a special grilling kitchen, here are the best grills you can choose to purchase.

  1. Gas Grills

It is the most common type, which offers remarkable control over cooking temperature and also ignites with a simple push of a button. It heats up quickly, is easy to operate and clean. It is an excellent choice for those looking for no-fuss grill options and organizing barbecue gatherings more often. Keep in mind, you will require fuel from a propane tank or natural gas line in your house.

  1. Charcoal Grills

This style of grill needs briquettes or lump charcoal to ignite. Charcoal generally takes some time to heat and cool down, but it adds better flavor to your meals than gas because it often gets hotter. It is good for grilling purists who are passionate about delicious food preparation.

  1. Electric Grills

It can be easily plugged in and is unbeatable for its ease of use, especially when used indoors or at apartment complexes that don’t permit grills. But it doesn’t heat as hot as other options, so don’t expect char-grill flavor when using this one. Simply, plugin, heat up quickly and try lip-smacking recipes without the need for fuel.

  1. Kamado Grills

It uses charcoal to heat but has thick walls than charcoal grills that are usually made of ceramic material. They can reach a hot temperature, just like a pizza oven, and maintain their heat for low and slow smokes.

  1. Pellet Grills

The demand for pellet grills is growing lately in a category that uses hardwood pellets and electricity to heat. Pellets can give a mouth-watering, authentic hardwood flavor and aroma to meals.

Which Type of Grill is Best for You?

When getting a new outdoor grill, the two popular options are of course gas and charcoal, however, electric, pellet, and kamado grills also play a fair game. When selecting a grill, consider how often you will be grilling outdoors, the amount of space you have, what flavor you like, and the amount of focus and time you can spend cooking. 

At Grilling Grills, you can shop built-in grills in different varieties that fit best for your lifestyle, outdoor kitchen space, and cooking style. All are perfect to make the grilling job easy, quick, and low-mess. Check out our amazing grill options today!